Agile Fundamentals with LEGO® Serious Play

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Agile Fundamentals with LEGO® Serious Play®

This two-day Agile Fundamentals certification course with the LEGO® Serious Play method is the first step in becoming an agile professional or an effective participant on a team by giving you a solid understanding of agile practices, principles, frameworks, and “mindset”. Upon completion of the course, you are awarded an Agile Fundamentals ICP certificate with access to the student dashboard where you are able to track your progress along the ICAgile Roadmap ( This Agile Fundamentals certification stands proudly on its own, or it is the beginning of your journey to becoming an ICAgile Certified Professional.

Through the completion of Agile Fundamentals and LSP methodologies, you will:

  • Learn the origins of agile, giving you a continuity from the past to the present and making clear what was and wasn’t intended with “agile”.
  • Anchor the idea that agile is a “mindset” through various activities so that you will internalize the difference experientially, not just in concept.
  • Develop soft skills, understand communication barriers, realize the importance of physical work environments, and be introduced to collaboration and shared understanding techniques.
  • Learn the value of incremental-iterative development, design quality, continuous integration and delivery, and the costs involved.
  • Acquire methods for engaging and getting feedback from users.
  • Learn an array of agile methodologies and diversified applications and approaches.
  • Clear up the misconception of agile development that it involves no planning and no promises and that one single process can fit all projects and situations.

Who Should Attend?

Product and Line Managers, Project Managers, Product Owners, Team/Technical Leads, Developers, Testers, Business Analysts, and anyone who is or will be working in an agile environment…who want to learn through gamification and like to play with LEGO® bricks.


There are no prerequisites, just a willingness to learn and engage with others.

Learning Objectives

Through gamification, including LEGO® Serious Play, learners will gain a solid understanding of key agile concepts:

History & Mindset

The purpose of this subject is to understand the agile mindset and history. The learner will engage in exercises to adopt the agile mindset.

  • The Origins of Agile
  • Agile Culture & Mindset

Individuals & Interactions

The purpose of this subject is to understand that individuals, working in teams, create value. The learner will recognize the purpose, concepts and theory supporting this concept, along with applications supporting it.

  • Create Shared Understanding
  • Shifts in Roles

Value-Driven Development

The purpose of this subject is to understand why agile development focuses so heavily on working products, including the role of value in driving work. The learner will study iterative and incremental approaches, continuous integration and continuous delivery.

  • Incremental Development
  • Work-in-Progress

Customer & User Involvement

The purpose of this subject is to understand concepts and theory for working with stakeholders, customers and users. The learner will also review possible related benefits and apply potential approaches.

  • Including Customers and Users
  • Product Adaption

Planning & Adapting

The purpose of this subject is to understand the value, concept and theory for learning and adapting at various levels, including product, process, team and organization. The learner will also study potential applications.

  • Planning and Adapting
  • Process & Project Adaption


Agile Fundamentals with LEGO® Serious Play® is taught by experienced agile professionals who are currently “in the trenches.” They have guided transformations across public and private sectors spanning all organizational levels, and they are active members in the agile community. Key concepts are solidified through real-world anecdotes, hands-on exercises, and facilitated group discussions. This course will be organically tailored to the participants’ needs while adhering to the learning objectives.

Additional Resources:

Listed below are some helpful resources to whet your agile appetite and give you an overview of the basics before training. During training you’ll make connections to what you already know, which greatly amplifies learning!

Agile 101:

Scrum 101:

Kanban 101:

For a printable course description, click here: AgileFundamentals.CourseDescription

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*Learning objectives are determined by The International Consortium for Agile and are adapted here for our purposes.

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