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DC Organizational Agility Practitioners Meetup Group

Colleen Johnson, Director – LEAN/Agile Transformation presents: End to End Kanban for the Whole Organization

We often look to our engineering teams first to drive efficiency and speed to deliver but as we optimize the flow of our development processes we quickly create pressure in the organizational workflow with the activities that feed into and out of product delivery. Product definition struggles to keep pace and establish a queue of viable options to pull from. Marketing efforts begin to pile up as features release faster than we can share the news. All of this stems from optimizing only one part of the overall system. In this talk we will look at how to scale Kanban practices to the entire organization to provide them visibility, flexibility and predictability to make every part of the business truly agile.

Colleen Johnson is a Practice Director of Lean and Agile Trasformation at ImagineX Consulting. Colleen applies a holistic pproach to ligning agile methodologies across the enterprise and works with clients to apply the right cultural and context-driven prctices to find sustainable agility. She is an expert in Lean/Kanban methods of iterative software delivery and advocates for LeanStartup principles using scientific methods of customer-centered discovery.She has been in the software development world for over 15 years with experience ranging from test automation to managing offshore engineers.

She is active in the local agile community as the Founder of the Agile Denver Coaching Meetup, member of Agile Denver Board of Directors, and Chairman of the 2016 Mile High Agile Conference. In her free time she enjoys running and yoga as well as camping and hiking with her two kids.

DOAP is a community of agile practitioners and Integral thought leaders looking to pool our collective knowledge through workshops and topics as diverse as agile practices at the team level and scaled delivery at the organizational level, to agile culture and transformation, to Integral agile theory. Our aim is to extend the agile movement, and our knowledge of its benefits and practices, through holistic learning and open collaboration. Our community benefits from the participation of tactical agilists and strategic enablers alike. We welcome your participation and the diverse knowledge you bring to our forum.

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  • February 7, 2017
    6:00 pm - 8:15 pm

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