Tailored Training

Tailored Training: Training Made Your Way

At Pliant Solutions, we not only drink the Agile Kool-Aid, we mix it up and passionately deliver it to our customers and the agile community. You could even call us “Agile Kool-Aid Ambassadors.”

As part of our emergent design, and in reacting to our customer needs, we are constantly evolving from our minimal viable product (MVP). This page and our offered training services are indicative of that. Just because we haven’t yet created the courses Agile for Executives or Managers, Tailoring Your Next Agile Contract, or Agile Development Practices, doesn’t mean we haven’t tackled the concepts in practice. The are just a few of the topics that get us really excited, and we’d love to build a custom course around them.

Does your organization need specific training, but you don’t see it listed here? Let us know. We’d love to create a tailored course for your distinct needs.

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