Has the Agile fairy arrived yet?

We're the next best thing.

SAFe® 4.0 Training & Agile Fundamentals with Lego® Serious Play®?

@$%!. Yes.

Struggling to see the big picture?

Use LSP®, not ESP.

How agile are you, really?

Not sure whether you're navigating value streams or still plunging over the falls?
We'll help you see your agile transformation clearly.

Training: Power to the Bulb

When your team shines, your whole organization glows.
Don't be dim, up the wattage.

Where are you in your Organizational Evolution?

Instead of focusing on a destination (Let’s be agile!), let’s focus on progression. Let’s create a learning environment supportive of change. Let’s create a culture where people can thrive. Let’s create high performing teams.
Let’s create cool f*$%-ing products.

Sound impossible? It’s not. But don’t expect the Agile Fairy to transform your organization overnight. Instead, focus on moving the needle a little each day.

Let us help.

| Pliant Solutions is an SBA Woman Owned Small Business |

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Congratulations to Bryan Miles and Darren Hoevel!

These two guys are taking their show on the road!

In their Adaptive Leadership workshop, Bryan and Darren explore how leaders create environments that navigate the complexity of interpersonal relationships, overcome the human element of barriers to change, and support the growth and engagement of their employees. Attendees walk out of the room with a clearer idea of their own leadership style and a list of action items they can use (tomorrow!) to move their teams one step closer to higher performance.

Catch them at AgileXP 2019 in Montreal, Canada and
Lean + Agile DC in Herndon, VA!