Man with perplexed because leadership requires personal change

We hate to be the one to break it to you, but here it goes:

Leadership development cannot be separated from personal growth.

There’s just no way around it.

There. We said it.

Leadership is Learned.

Our coaches help you hone your executive skills.

Effective leadership happens when skills, self-awareness, and intuition meet. Through our leadership coaching programs, we help our clients do the “inner work” of leadership. We’ll help you build a deeper understanding of yourself, the underlying source of your inner drive, and your unique strengths. You will practice building skills and the leadership muscles to increase your impact and help you identify what gets in your way of leading from a place of authenticity and integrity.

Upgrade Your Operating System

You work long, hard hours your ass off, yet it feels like you can’t get and stay on top of your responsibilities. With so many things being thrown at you, the quality of your decisions is degraded, which just compounds the problem. You’re being reactive, not proactive. Your people are struggling. Your blood pressure is rising. (Is it hot in here?)

The old way of leading – slow, clunky, reactive control and command decision-making – is outdated. Let’s face it: while you’re smart, you may not be the smartest person in the room. Or have the perfect solutions every time. Or, for that matter, even have the time to solve every little problem that arises. Plus, the expectation to be a know-it-all is incredibly stressful.

The new operating model of leadership focuses on broadening and deepening different perspectives, creating collaborative decision-making environments, and better identifying and communicating complex problems. As a leader, you can’t do it alone. This means creating space for your people to own their work and rise to the occasion with innovative solutions. It means expanding your views, upgrading your communication skills, and harnessing your unique superpowers. The ultimate goal is to create a developmental organization that can innovate continuously and quickly adapts to the increasing complexities of our world.

It’s not going to be easy, but you can definitely do it.

Better Yourself to Better Those Around You

  • Cultivate authentic leadership: discover what type of leader you are
  • Develop a more effective leadership style & approach
  • Deal with conflict & learn conflict-management skills
  • Become a better communicator
  • Navigate difficult relationships
  • Identify career blind spots: what others aren’t telling you
  • Gain an outside perspective
  • “Get unstuck” & find your edge
  • Strengthen self-confidence, assertiveness, and well-being
  • Address self-limiting beliefs & career-limiting behaviors
  • Learn how to have crucial conversations
  • Develop “superstar” workers & manage personality conflicts

Become a Kick-Ass Leader

We use a post methodological approach to Executive Coaching. We won’t run you through a cookie-cutter method of learning. We build a model that fits you where you are. We will pull from various frameworks and work with you to co-create novel pathways that are developed just for you.

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Certified Coaches

International Coach Federation (ICF) certified coaches help you level-up your operating system

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ORSC Coaching

Organizational & Relationships System Coaching keeps your team moving in the right direction.

Immunity to Change

Identify what is blocking you from overcoming change

Problem Solving Leadership

Resolve issues though in-the-moment coaching conversations

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Leadership Assessments

Personalized reports identify the skills you need to optimally lead.

Case Studies

Client: Large Government Agency

Engagement Category:  Division-wide, Public, IT

Type: One-on-one Executive Coaching & Leadership Coaching

Problem: The Division Chief of a large government agency wanted to build his leadership capabilities and better communicate with those in his division.

Our Work:  Pliant Solutions’ engagement started with one-on-one Leadership Coaching for the Division Chief. Seeing first hand the benefits of his increased awareness of his communication style and how it affected the group, he enlisted us to coach the Branch Chief. Aspects of the training were then extended to the rest of the division in the form of a two- day off-site focusing on communication patterns and how to become a cohesive unit.

Client: Large Government Agency

Engagement Category: Leadership Team of 18 people, Public, Non-IT

Type: Leadership Coaching

Problem:Lack of leadership skills, failure to collaborate, personality differences, and a non-cohesive approach to achieving a shared organizational vision created a fractured team.

Our Work:  Pliant Solutions facilitated a team deep-dive workshop based on Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead curriculum. Over the course of 12 weeks, the team learned new conflict management skills, coalesced around a single approach to accomplishing their shared vision, and gained a new perspective of how to show up to work.

Client: A rapidly growing DC-based fitness company

Engagement Category: 1-10 Teams, Private, Non-IT

Type: Leadership & Team Coaching

Problem: Rapid expansion caused siloed teams & difficulties in creating a cohesive culture with recently acquired
companies and expansion sites. This resulted in friction within the leadership teams & created conflicts & confusion around roles, responsibilities, & the future direction of the larger organization.

Our Work:  Pliant Solutions provided individual leadership and team
coaching. We presented a four-day leadership development workshop focused on creating more adaptive leaders. Similarly, we created workshops on change theory and worked closely with the teams on defining vision, roles, and working agreements.

Client: National Plumbing Supply Company

Engagement Category: 20+ Teams, Private, IT

Type: Training & Leadership Coaching

Problem: A bi-modal organization (agile-hybrid) needed assistance in “relaunching” their agile initiatives and baselining the knowledge throughout the IT department.

Our Work: Pliant Solutions provided training at multiple levels of the organization. We provided agile training to teams to help them baseline and relaunch their efforts; training to Product Owners for product vision and road mapping; and leadership training to help executives listen & receive feedback from teams & understand the environments that support the emergence of high performing teams & good product delivery.