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adapt or die.

Adaptation is the adjustment of organisms to their environment in order to improve their chances of survival. Your organizations also has to adapt to your environment–shifting markets, dynamic customer needs,  and changing technologies– or you risk obsolescence. 

To evolve from where you are now into something more nimble, you’ll have to go through an adaptive valley. You adopt new tools, processes, practices, relationships, and mindsets in this phase. The adaptive valley inherently comes with disorder, but the disorder is temporary.

Our evo.IQ Model™ is a structured approach to help you quickly and systematically move through the adaptive valley and evolve with intent. It helps you focus your goals, hone your skills, communicate more effectively, continuously experiment, learn through feedback cycles, and embrace a growth mindset. And don’t worry; it won’t take millions of years.

Squiggly line representing an adaptive valley of evolution
The words: The evo.IQ Process

Our process provides a sustainable course of evolutionary progression for your organization. The continuous improvement process of Asses, Align, Adopt, Amplify, and Accelerate becomes embedded in your culture. Nature never stops evolving, and you won’t either. Are you ready to experiment?

Approximately 1-2 weeks

  • Conduct team and individual interviews and discovery workshops
  • Utilize assessment tools like Team Agile Maturity Assessment, Organizational Agility Assessment, Leadership 360, Daring Leadership, Lectica, and more
  • Understand organizational goals, outcomes, capability needs, and strategic direction
  • Create findings report and debrief leadership: themes, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities
Light blue circle with a big A and the word Align

Approximately 2-4 week, revisited yearly.

  • Agree on a coaching strategy and training plan
  • Recommend learning paths, capability enhancements, and delivery improvements
  • Establish the Strategic Vision
  • Formulate the Organization/Program/Team Operating Model
  • Train to baseline: trainings and workshops customized specifically for your needs to help create alignment to decided-upon outcomes.
Grey Green circle with a big A and Adopt inside

90-day iterations

  • Execute coaching strategy and training plan
  • Deliver learning paths, capability enhancements, and delivery improvements
  • Operationalize Organization/Program/Team Operating Model
  • Coaching and mentoring for Team and individual growth
  • Additional trainings and workshops as needs arise: improving communication, organizational alignment, process and practice adoption, and a continuous improvement mindset
  • Create continuous learning through rigorous experimentation and adopt successes
Moss green circle with a big A and the word Amplify in the middle


  • Invest in developing people, potential, and capabilities
  • Optimize business capabilities and revenue opportunities
  • Continuously evaluate and improve processes and practices
  • Implement and scale successful experiments
  • Maximize organizational and technology capabilities
  • Create an environment and culture for agility and responsiveness to change
  • Data-driven decision-making and prioritization
Yellow circle with a big A and the word Accelerate in the middle

Approximately 1-3 months

  • Create a self-healing, resilient organization
  • Create learning communities
  • Build and foster an Organizational Learning Backlog
  • Invest in greatness: Coaching Kata, Human-Centered Design Studio, Business Incubation Lab, or Technology Innovation Center
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