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Is your team feeling… stuck?

Are Zoom meetings dragging everyone down? Are there personality conflicts, toxic communication patterns, or distrust? Even if you can’t put your finger on it, is there a sense that the team is headed in the wrong direction?

Feeling stuck sucks. It’s frustrating, and it’s tiring. We hear you.

Let’s get you back on track.

Deviate from Dysfunction!

Our coaches tackle some of the common communication ailments that plague work environments.

We strengthen trust and communication and create alignment. And because people are part of teams, we can supplement group coaching with individual coaching, supporting growth at both levels.

So, let’s get unstuck. Let’s create opportunities for teams and people to develop, grow, and thrive.

Let’s create some kick-ass teams.

For good ideas and true innovation you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.” –Margaret Heffernan

A dysfunctional team is expensive. Conflict leads to wasted time, energy, resources, and, ultimately, money. So, avoid dysfunction and invest in your team. Aligning team members around a shared vision and unlocking their potential means more productivity, innovation, creativity, motivation, a sense of belonging, and happier and healthier people. Team coaching is about helping to emerge the thoughts, feelings, and knowledge of each team member while also developing communication skills to reveal the team’s inner workings.

Marnie Oursler from Marnie Homes

“Pliant Solutions has been an indispensable partner in solidifying the foundation of Marnie Custom Homes. Our annual off-site team building workshops are pivotal in honing our leadership skills, optimizing processes, and fostering a cohesive team environment. Their unwavering commitment to cultivating our success has been instrumental in propelling our company towards continual growth and excellence.”

Marnie Oursler, Owner and Designer of Marnie Homes, 2022 Home Builder of the Year

Our Approach

Our team coaches design custom interventions based on your team’s needs. We begin all of our engagements with an assessment– meeting with team members individually and as a group to gather an understanding of what is happening within the team. From there, we will work with you to create a customized plan to help get your team where you want to be.

We use a combination of workshops/offsites, training, and ongoing team coaching sessions to create lasting change in teams. While workshops, training, and offsites can help kick-start change, actual change– one that leads to a large-scale, long-term shift in ways of thinking, understanding, or operating– isn’t possible through a single team coaching workshop, class, or experiential experience. It happens slowly over time through the building, development, and integration of new skills and behaviors while being supported by a coach. Long-term change requires longer-term interventions.

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Team Kickstart

A customized team development session designed with your outcomes in mind

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ORSC Coaching

Organizational & Relationships System Coaching keeps your team moving in the right direction.

Conflict Contract

Create a way to successfully and productively navigate conflict

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Role Definition

Clairfy both inner and outer team roles and determine which ones serve and which ones to let go

Skill Development

Target fundamental skills that increase collaboration & decision making capacity

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Problem Solving

Experienced facilitators help resolve team issues though in-the-moment guided conversations

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Team Assessments

Personalized reports identify the skills your team needs to effectively operate.

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Individual Coaching

One-on-one coaching with each team member to inspire their personal development

Case Studies

Client: A Rapidly Growing DC-Based Fitness Company

Engagement Category: 1-10 Teams, Private, Non-IT

Type: Leadership & Team Coaching

Problem: Rapid expansion has caused siloed teams and difficulties in creating culture in recently acquired opportunities and expansion sites. This resulted in friction within the leadership teams and created conflicts and confusion around roles, responsibilities, and future direction.

Our Work: Pliant Solutions provided individual leadership and team coaching. We presented a four-day leadership development workshop focused on creating more adaptive leaders. Similarly, we created workshops on change theory and worked closely with the teams on defining vision, role definitions, and working agreements, leading to organizational alignment. The ORSC team coaching model was used in this engagement.

Client: A Successful Custom Home Builder

Engagement Category: 1 Team, Private, Non-IT

Type: Leadership & Team Coaching

Problem: A high-performing team wanted to “level up” by creating better vision, alignment, and a healthier work environment.

Our Work: The team initially engaged Pliant Solutions to facilitate a Dare to Lead workshop. However, after the initial assessment, it became clear that more focus on team coaching would be more beneficial. Pliant Solutions designed a customized workshop to kick-start team change resulting in tighter alignment, connection, and vision. The workshop concluded with focusing on team collaboration on small, concise, and easily implemented skills they could use “tomorrow.” Ongoing team coaching sessions and individual coaching have helped to keep the team’s skills and progress improving.

Client: A Public School Administrative Team

Engagement Category: 1 Team, Private, Non-IT

Type: Leadership & Team Coaching

Problem: A team of highly skilled individuals needed assistance coming together as a team because toxic communication patterns had prevented the team from moving forward.

Our Work: Initial assessments revealed a team “stuck” in the past and unable to communicate effectively with each other. Trauma around promotions, tenure, hurt feelings, and poor communication created hostility and prevented a lack of a shared vision. A three-day intervention focused on skill building and communication was designed to help the team move past the “stuck” place and begin to map out a new vision together.

Client: A Product Company

Engagement Category: 1 Team, Private, IT

Type: Strategic Planning and Leadership Team Coaching

Problem: An executive leadership team requested a five-day team retreat to assist in their strategic planning initiative

Our Work: Pliant Solutions conducted initial interviews with a broad sample of company team members to gather feedback, insights, and biases regarding the people, processes, technology, and culture of the organization. We used this information to develop a five-day strategic planning session that would serve as the guiding map moving the company forward.  Additionally, we facilitated conversations to resolve issues and concerns that were revealed during the initial interview process.

To address the underlying issues preventing the company from high performance, we planned a series of interventions using engaging tools meant to reveal the hidden assumptions and information locked within the organization, as well as leadership development training, focused on Adaptive Leadership. Tangible action items were created throughout the offsite, and plans were developed to track the completion of those items. After the success of the initial five-day offsite, Pliant Solutions was re-engaged to support additional organizational development as well as ongoing executive team coaching and change management, building on the initial work done during the team retreat.