We’re Going to TriAgile!

Bryan Miles profile picture
Bryan Miles profile picture

We’re excited to announce that Bryan Miles, Principal of Leadership Development and Coaching, has been selected to speak at the upcoming TriAgile conference in Raleigh, North Carolina!

Bryan’s presentation will cover leadership development, looking at the failures of the booming leadership development industry. He will share his thoughts on the current knowing-doing gap and share tips for closing the gap. With his wealth of experience and knowledge, Bryan will deliver an impactful presentation, contributing to discussions and advancing the “Heart and Soul of Agile” conference theme at TriAgile. 

TriAgile is a non-profit agile conference that serves the Southwestern region of the United States. This year will mark the 10th anniversary of TriAgile. This year’s conference will take place on the North Carolina State campus in Raleigh, NC, on Thursday, April 4th, 2024. Attendees can expect to gain valuable knowledge and insight into the advancement and continuous adoption of agile practices.

Miles expressed his excitement about this opportunity: “I love sharing new ideas with the agile community and am eager to combine my passions for agile, leadership development, and music in this talk. The world needs better leaders right now, starting with each of us. I’ve witnessed issues with leadership development strategies that don’t get traction. I’m eager to share insights that show how cultivating a leadership mindset can become attainable and accessible for your teams, no matter the maturity or stage of your organization.”

For more information on the TriAgile conference, visit https://triagile.com.

Pliant Solutions Empowers Marnie Custom Homes with Leadership Coaching

Marnie Custom Homes group photo
Marnie Custom Homes group photo

Pliant Solutions LLC Empowers Marnie Custom Homes with Innovative Leadership Coaching Program

Bethany Beach, DE – Pliant Solutions LLC is pleased to announce its continued collaboration with Marnie Custom Homes, a leader in the custom home design and construction industry and 2022 Custom Home Builder of the Year. They worked together to create a Team Building and People Enablement Program designed to enhance Marnie Custom Homes’ leadership capabilities, team building, and process optimization to foster and continue their long-term success.

This initiative acknowledged that strategy is a living thing, planning is continuous, and leadership is a teachable skill. Marnie Custom Homes recognizes the importance of strong leadership in navigating industry challenges and maintaining excellence.

Pliant Solutions’ coaches worked closely with Marnie Custom Homes’ leaders, tailoring the coaching experience to double down on their company vision, build off of individual strengths and challenges, and dig deep into what is holding the team back from excellence. The offsite focused on improving decision-making, communication, problem-solving, and strategic thinking. By pulling people away from their day-to-day work, they were able to make space for exploration, skill building, and the art of the possible.

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