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adapt or die.
evolve or die.

Adaptability is the key to survival in nature or business. Markets shift, customers’ needs change, technologies progress. The world advances– with or without you. Our evolve Model™ is a structured approach to help you evolve with intent and avoid becoming extinct/obsolete.

The evolve Model™

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Assess is the backbone of the evolve model and provides the foundation for your organizational evolution. Interviews, workshops, and an in-depth analysis provide critical insights into your organization’s people, products, processes, technology, culture, and mindset.  With this holistic view, we will recommend learning paths, capability enhancements, and product delivery improvements. This is where we discover and prioritize your organizational goals, outcomes, and strategic direction.


Align bonds with Assess to create structure and stability for your organizational evolution.  Together, we will solidify your strategic plan, organizational roadmap, and operating model and baseline shared language, practices, and processes through targeted training. With a clear collective vision of the future, your team will be able to launch full speed ahead.


Adopt is essential for reactions to take place. With people and priorities aligned, we will coach teams through the problem-solving process of Hypothesize > Experiment > Recalibrate > Repeat. And what is the most volatile element to change? Humans. Humans are messy, and change is hard. Our coaches will focus on improving communication, alignment, process and practice adoption, and a continuous improvement mindset.


Amplify increases the concentration of your organization’s evolutionary efforts. The products of successful experiments can now be replicated and scaled throughout the business, creating new connections and improving organizational plasticity. As customer delivery becomes a holistic capability, you’ll better anticipate and embrace market, technology, and economic changes.


Accelerate is the catalyst of the evolve model, speeding up your organizational evolution. Through monthly Communities of Practices, teams share valuable experiences, deepen learning, and experiment with new, more advanced tools, practices, and processes. There is kinetic energy in a learning culture that keeps people engaged, interested, and invested in the future.

A title that says, "The A5 Process."

The a5 process provides a sustainable course of evolutionary progression for your organization. The continuous improvement process of Asses, Align, Adopt, Amplify, and Accelerate becomes embedded in your culture. Nature never stops evolving, and you won’t either. Are you ready to experiment?

Approximately 1-2 weeks

  • Conduct team and individual interviews and discovery workshops
  • Utilize assessment tools like Business Agility, Agile Product Delivery, Leadership 360, Daring Leadership, Lectica, and more
  • Create findings report and debrief leadership: themes, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities
  • Strategize organizational goals, outcomes, capability needs, and strategic direction
  • Recommend learning paths, capability enhancements, and product delivery improvements
  • Agree on a coaching strategy and training plan
Light blue circle with a big A and the word Align

Approximately 2-4 weeks, revisited yearly


  • Establish the Strategic Vision
  • Shape and align the Organizational Agility Roadmap
  • Facilitate Value Stream Mapping
  • Formulate the Organization/Program Operating Model
  • Align the Product and Technical Strategy
  • Establish Product Delivery Playbook
  • Train to baseline: Portfolio Management, OKRs, Product Management, Kanban, Scrum, eXtreme Programming, technical practices, user story writing, etc.  (SAFe, ICAgile, LeSS, Dare to Lead, etc.. )
Grey Green circle with a big A and Adopt inside

90-day iterations


  • Explore and align team values and cultural norms
  • Codify the Teaming Agreement establishing clear expectations and implementation
  • Formulate Product Delivery strategy
  • Team operating models and execution
  • Design and implement the Product Dashboard
  • Coaching and mentoring for Team and individual growth
  • Training and workshops for improving communication, organizational alignment, process and practice adoption, and a continuous improvement mindset
  • Agile and leadership coaching, facilitate daily standups, prioritization, estimation, workflow analysis, program kick-offs, program increment planning, performance metrics, tool configuration, technical delivery practices, business process engineering, delivery team onboarding, and communication strategies 
Moss green circle with a big A and the word Amplify in the middle


  • Optimize business capabilities and revenue opportunities
  • Establish Portfolio and Value Stream Management
  • Continuously improve processes and practices for organizational agility
  • Implement and adopt necessary scaling practices
  • Maximize organizational and technology capabilities
  • Execute continuous alignment, roadmapping, and planning
  • Create an environment and culture for agility and responsiveness to change
  • Invest in people, potential, and capabilities
Yellow circle with a big A and the word Accelerate in the middle

Approximately 1-3 months

  • Create Communities of Learning
  • Create continuous communication through regular Newsletters and other mediums
  • Build and foster an Organizational Learning Backlog
  • Invest in greatness: Human-Centered Design Studio, Business Incubation Lab, or Technology Innovation Center
  • Engage Leadership, Delivery Teams, and Customers to build a Learning Culture