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Our evo.IQ Launch Lab is a quick and impactful approach to kick-starting team development.

If you’re uncertain where to begin, feeling the squeeze of a limited budget, hesitant to commit to ongoing coaching, need a team boost, or want to better your team and organization but don’t know how, our tailored Launch Lab is your game-changer.

Using the first two steps of our evo.IQ model, we help you think strategically, build skills, and unify your team without breaking the bank. This isn’t theoretical learning. By the end of this workshop, your team will learn and practice pertinent [interpersonal] skills, establish a vision, build an actionable strategic plan, and coalesce as a team/strengthen team bonds. 

Approximately 1-2 weeks

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1-3 days

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A Launch Lab in Action

What you think you need, and what you actually need are two different things.


Assess is the backbone of the evolve model and provides the foundation for your organizational evolution. Interviews, workshops, and an in-depth analysis provide critical insights into your organization’s people, products, processes, technology, culture, and mindset.  With this holistic view, we will recommend learning paths, capability enhancements, and product delivery improvements. This is where we discover and prioritize your organizational goals, outcomes, and strategic direction.


Align bonds with Assess to create structure and stability for your organizational evolution. Together, we solidify your strategic plan, organizational roadmap, and operating model and baseline shared language, practices, and processes through targeted training. With a clear collective vision of the future, your team will launch full speed ahead.