Pliant Solutions Celebrates FEMA!

On March 29, 2024, the FEMA Grants Management Modernization (GMM) Program reached full operational capability (FOC). This was a years-long effort involving multiple enhancements to product delivery. Pliant Solutions is grateful to be a part of a winning team that worked steadily and rigorously to achieve this challenging goal!

For GMM, FOC means the FEMA GO system is available for FEMA grants programs to utilize as they open their grant funding opportunities. To date, FEMA GO

  • supports over 84K users,
  • supports or has completed configuration to support 36 of FEMA’s 40 grant programs, 
  • has supported 57 funding opportunities,
  • obligated $5.3 billion of grant awards, and
  • has processed $2.1 billion payments.

Here’s to the FEMA GMM team and their continued success in serving the American people with the FEMA GO system!

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