Who We Are

Who We Are

Pliant Solutions is a team of individuals who strive to do their best for their clients and to learn and grow themselves a little each day.

Our Mission

We support leaders and teams by inspiring experimentation and exploration, building resilience and freedom, and launching growth, through a conscious and adaptive culture. At Pliant Solutions we are willing to say I don’t know–AND have the passion to find out the answers.

Our Vision

We aim to work with purpose and actually give a damn–in the best possible way. We aim to exceed the needs of the client by delivering quality work and our best selves. We will choose interesting work, and work with interesting people, and not grow just to grow. We will not sacrifice quality for margins. We are committed to continuously improving and nurturing our whole selves, because we, our company, and our clients benefit when each of us is curious, balanced, personally growing, and feels secure within our tribe.

Our Values
leadership & operating model for our customers & our own organism
Making oneself vulnerable with the support of a great team & safe environment
Freedom within guardrails to choose and do the right thing
Personal Growth of our clients and ourselves
Diverse approaches & perspectives for adaptable solutions
Embody an experimentation approach of not why, but WHY NOT innovation


Our People

We engage trained and experienced people, who are not only “agile experts,” but also have the skills to navigate organizational change while fostering personal improvement and team interaction. Along with the “industry standard” agile certifications (Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, ICAgile, etc.), our coaches are also trained and experienced in interpersonal coaching, change theory, and other related bodies of knowledge.


These additional knowledge areas give us an extensive toolbox of skills, models, and techniques that can be leveraged, when needed, to help move teams and individuals forward. They allow us to be adaptive and flexible, moving away from the traditional notion of agile coaching (“You are doing it wrong!”) toward a model that gives us the ability to meet you where you are and coach you to the next level.


It’s not about “agile” for us, it’s about moving the needle a little bit every day, one step at a time, helping you continually refine where you want to go.


The Team