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We’re pragmatic, not dogmatic.

Our coaching approach focuses on small, sustainable changes at all levels in the organization. We help you evolve with intent. Incrementally. Everyday.

Start an Organizational Evolution.

The Illusion of a Broken System

There is a myth that drives many change initiatives into the ground: that the organization needs to change because it’s broken. The reality is that any social system is the way it is because the people in that system want it that way. In that sense…the system is working fine, even though it may appear to be “dysfunctional” in some respects to some members and outside observers. There is no such thing as a dysfunctional organization, because every organization is perfectly aligned to achieve the results it currently gets.” Adapted from Heifetz and Linsky


We, at Pliant Solutions, believe people and organizations are already complete, whole, and have all the capabilities within them to be successful. To drive change, we tap into the capabilities within people and systems, bring them to the surface, and cultivate them. We offer individual and leadership coaching, team coaching, and enterprise agile coaching to help you, your teams, and your organization evolve.

LEADERSHIP & INDIVIDUAL COACHING: Better yourself to better those around you

Positive and sustainable leadership development cannot be separated from personal growth. Consequently, one fundamental aspect of our leadership coaching is to help our clients do the “inner work” of leadership. This involves building a deeper understanding of themselves, the sources of their drive, and their unique strengths. It also includes identifying what may be getting in the way of them leading from a place of authenticity and clarity.

The inner work is the foundation for the outer work of leadership. We call this windows and mirrors. Looking at a mirror gives us the ability to reflect on ourselves and the impacts we have, while looking out a window allows us to have a full picture of what is happening and be a truly impartial observer. We encourage our clients to be more versatile and to experiment with underutilized ways of leading that are reflective of their values, skills, and personalities.

The Value of Individual/Leadership Coaching

Develop “superstar” workers & manage personality conflicts
Develop a more effective leadership style & approach
Cultivate authentic leadership: What kind of leader am I?
Deal with conflict & learn conflict-management skills
Strengthen self-confidence, assertiveness, and well-being
Learn how to have crucial conversations
Address self-limiting beliefs & career-limiting behaviors
“Get unstuck” & find your edge
Identify career blind spots: What others aren’t telling you
Navigate difficult relationships
Become a better communicator
Gain an outside perspective


TEAM COACHING: Invest in the team: Develop new skills & increase dialogue

Our Team coaches tackle some of the common communication ailments that plague work environments.

More than team building, team coaching is a transformational approach that focuses on the development of the team as a system in its own right, with its own voice, expectations, and values, rather than merely a collection of individuals. Using this approach, the team itself is viewed as having an impact on individuals, playing a significant role in how people work together and what they produce. Team coaching aims to create positive engagement and build productivity.

The Value of Team Coaching

More effective communication leading to increased dialogue, creativity & results
Ability to work through conflict & intense conversation productively
Increased psychological safety, less toxic behavior
Increased accountability
Enhanced performance & productivity
Elevated positivity & morale
Clear vision & action steps
Clarity on roles & resposibilities
Embrace experimentation


AGILE COACHING: Stay relevant & competitive in a rapidly changing environment

Since we don’t subscribe to a “one-size-fits-all” solution, or one strict Agile framework—Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Extreme Programming— , we encourage teams to use the best, most relevant aspects of those agile frameworks as guiding principles and values to cultivate creative solutions and successful strategies. We find using loosely coupled systems and tightly aligned processes ensures organizational buy-in and sustainable change.


agile coaching diagram


Change requires the right amount or organizational pressure. Like a pressure cooker, our coaches are skilfull at regulating the temperature- raising the temperature to begin and sustain change and while making sure to lower the temperature when things become too “hot” so it doesn’t explode.

The Value of Agile Coaching

Engage Executive Leadership
Visualize Strategic Alignment
Execute Portfolio Mgmt
Cultivate Cultural Shift
Develop Centers of Excellence/Communities of Practice

Facilitate Product Ideation
Create Product Vision/Roadmap
Roll out an Agile Operating Model
Scale Agile Practices
Manage Dependencies
Continuous Improvement

Agile Practices Adoption
Refine and Prioritize Backlogs
Implement Agile Technical Practices
Establish Product Ownership
Cultivate High Performing Teams

Emergent Design
Iterative Delivery
Product Delivery Strategy

ALM Tool Assessments, Tailoring & Configuration
Business Process Optimization
Atlassian Partner Organization


Leadership Coaching
Enterprise Coaching
Portfolio Coaching
Team Coaching
Strategic Alignment
Portfolio Management
Cultural Shift
Integral Facilitation
Problem Solving Leadership
ORSC Coaching
Immunity to Change
Training from the Back of the Room
Centers of Excellence
Communities of Practice
Product Ideation
Operating Model
Scaled Agile
Dependency Managment
Continuous Improvement
Backlog Refinement
Agile Technical Practices
Product Ownership
Product Launch
Team Formation
Product Management


Coaching can be done in person or via teleconferences depending on the client need and the geographic location of the team members.

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