Integral Agile Series: Spiral Dynamics

In this DC Organizational Agility Practitioners session, John Hughes talks about delivering impactful change through mindful awareness of people and organizations, also known as Spiral Dynamics.

Spiral Dynamics is the first model we will explore in our Integral Agile series. Spiral Dynamics presents us with a series of “memes” illustrating levels of maturity and complexity in human consciousness. Many of us have heard of “Teal.” In this session we will put perspective to Teal, and other memes, to better inform the work we do and the way we understand people and organizations. We will define and describe attributes and examples of the Red, Amber (Blue), Orange, Green, and Teal (Yellow) memes as they are the levels illustrating the vast majority of our world’s population today.

Whether we are Organizational Designers, Transformation agents, Agile Coaches, ScrumMasters, Project Managers, or general IT consultants, we need to understand the people and organizations we are affecting so that we can truly achieve our intended impact. 

Have you ever wondered why a team pushes back when trying to work within an Agile practice?

How about why a Program Manager eventually squashes the autonomy and effectiveness of a successful and productive Agile team?

Why are some hellbent on revolutionizing industry, advancing science and technology, and creating more efficient ways to produce product, while others are motivated to help and comfort people or save the planet?

Are hierarchies good or bad? Should we flatten them (isn’t everyone talking about that these days?) or are we actually better off maintaining them? 

By understanding Spiral Dynamics and the levels of psycho-social maturity of human consciousness, you will know the answers to these questions and many others as you become more mindful and aware of “where people are” and what motivates them.

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