Pliant Solutions Empowers Marnie Custom Homes with Leadership Coaching

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Pliant Solutions LLC Empowers Marnie Custom Homes with Innovative Leadership Coaching Program

Bethany Beach, DE – Pliant Solutions LLC is pleased to announce its continued collaboration with Marnie Custom Homes, a leader in the custom home design and construction industry and 2022 Custom Home Builder of the Year. They worked together to create a Team Building and People Enablement Program designed to enhance Marnie Custom Homes’ leadership capabilities, team building, and process optimization to foster and continue their long-term success.

This initiative acknowledged that strategy is a living thing, planning is continuous, and leadership is a teachable skill. Marnie Custom Homes recognizes the importance of strong leadership in navigating industry challenges and maintaining excellence.

Pliant Solutions’ coaches worked closely with Marnie Custom Homes’ leaders, tailoring the coaching experience to double down on their company vision, build off of individual strengths and challenges, and dig deep into what is holding the team back from excellence. The offsite focused on improving decision-making, communication, problem-solving, and strategic thinking. By pulling people away from their day-to-day work, they were able to make space for exploration, skill building, and the art of the possible.

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"Pliant Solutions has been an indispensable partner in solidifying the foundation of Marnie Custom Homes. Our annual off-site team building workshops are pivotal in honing our leadership skills, optimizing processes, and fostering a cohesive team environment. Their unwavering commitment to cultivating our success has been instrumental in propelling our company towards continual growth and excellence.”
Marnie Oursler
Owner & Designer, Marnie Homes

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