Metrics that Matter

“Every line is the perfect length if you don’t measure it.” – Marty Rubin

So your organization has embarked upon a transformation to be more nimble and responsive by employing the latest tools and thinking in the Agile and DevOps arena. In this transformational context, how do you know that your initiatives are effective? 

Empirical measurements should provide insights on business value flow and delivery efficiency, allowing teams and organizations to see how they are progressing toward achieving their goals, but all too often we find ourselves mired in measurement traps that don’t quite provide the right guidance in steering our efforts.

Rooted in contemporary thinking and tested in practice, this talk explores the metrics that matter: the principles of good measurement, what to measure, what not to measure, and enumerates some key metrics to help guide and inform our Agile and DevOps efforts. If done right, metrics can present a true picture of performance, and any progression, digression of these metrics can drive learning and improvement.

In their session, Rob Brown and Rob Cole inspire organizations and teams to start or take a fresh look at implementing a valuable measurement program.

Check out Rob and Rob’s presentation!

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