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 Be sure to catch Darren Hoevel at Agile Charm in Baltimore, MD on February 13, 2020!

The World Needs Brave Leaders!

What if you weren’t born to be a leader? What if your “boss” isn’t a good leader? Should you worry? Should you give up, “fall in line,” and wait for others to show you the way?

Positively, absolutely, without any doubt, NO!

Darren Hoevel, President, Leadership & Agile Coach

Join Darren Hoevel as he dives into the 4 skillsets of Brave Leadership. It’s time for all of us to step up, help each other, and create something better than where we started.

If you can’t make it to Agile Charm, or want to learn more about Brave Leadership, join Darren at our two-day Dare to Lead course in February 2020!


About Agile Charm

Agile Charm is an event for everyone who is passionate about using Agile for Good. It’s about building a community and sharing stories of how we work together to create magic in the workplace. Are you ready to share your agile magic? Join us at Agile Charm 2020 and hear stories from different perspectives.

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